Frequently Asked Questions
How do I generate a new Stellar address and create a Stellar account using Freighter?
After installing Freighter on your browser, open the extension, click on “Create wallet”, and follow the steps to generate a new Stellar address. Note that after generating your address, you still need to fund it with lumens to create a Stellar account.

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Your address and keys are encrypted and stored on your computer. If you lose access to your computer, you may recover your account with your recovery phrase. Make sure you store your recovery phrase in a safe and secure place and never share it with anyone.
Why do I need a recovery phrase and a password?
Your recovery phrase is needed to generate a unique Stellar address for your account and to recover your account in the event that you lose access to data on your computer. Your password is used to encrypt and store the key on your browser, and it's also used to make sure other people with access to your computer won't be able to use your account.
How do I store my recovery phrase safely?
You have several options: Write your key down on a piece of paper. Keep it in a safe. Store it in a password manager. But don't ever keep it unencrypted on your computer or in your email.

Never share your backup phrase or enter it on a website. Anyone that has access to your backup phrase can gain access to your account. Only enter your backup phrase on Freighter during account recovery. Note that we'll never ask for it again once you create your account.
What happens if I lose my recovery phrase?
If you still have your account set up on your browser, you can use your password to review your recovery phrase by going to the main menu and selecting Show Recovery Phrase.

Freighter doesn't keep your keys or recovery phrases stored, so it's impossible to recover your account without your recovery phrase. Make sure you keep it stored safely.
How do I recover my account or use Freighter on a new computer?
On a fresh installation:
When prompted if you want to create a new wallet or import it, select “Import wallet.” Enter your recovery phrase and define a new password for your account.If an account is already being used
Open the extension home screen and click on Import using recovery phrase. Enter your recovery phrase and define a new password for your account.

Warning: since Freighter currently supports only one account at a time, make sure you have the current account’s recovery phrase noted.
How can I access my previously generated accounts after importing my recovery phrase?
After importing an account, Freighter will only create the first account automatically. If you used multiple accounts previously, you'll need to add them again by selecting "Create a new Stellar address". Your accounts will always be generated in the same order.
What applications are compatible with Freighter?
Freighter is currently supported by applications such Stellar Account Viewer, StellarTerm, and LumenSwap.
How can I see my wallet public address?
On the extension home screen, click on the copy icon to copy your address to the clipboard. If you want to preview the address or see the QR code to receive a payment, click on the QR code icon.
How can I see my wallet private address?
Just like a hardware wallet, Freighter doesn't allow you or any application to have access to your private key. This is a way to keep your account safe, while still allowing you to access your account and sign transaction
I forgot my password, how can I redefine it?
You can't change your password. If you forgot it, use your recovery phrase and import your account again, defining a new password.
What is the allowed slippage?
The allowed slippage percentage defines a tolerance to downward price variations between the time when the conversion price was fetched to the actual time of the transaction. Since the conversion price between two assets can change, setting no allowed tolerance (0%) can cause transactions to fail, even if the price changes are minimal.

The allowed slippage defines how much downward variation the user is willing to accept. It is not used when the variation is favorable (i.e. when the received amount is higher than the one previously confirmed)

A user wants to swap 10 units of asset A to asset B. The user sets a slippage of 1% and confirms swapping at a rate of 1A = 10B (Swapping 10A for 100B)

Case 1: Slippage unfavorable but lower than the set percentage. The user confirms swapping 10A for 100B, and the market price changes to 1A = 9.9B. The transaction still goes through since the variation is within the set percentage (1%)

Case 2: Slippage unfavorable and higher than the set percentage. The user confirms swapping 10A for 100B, and the market price changes to 1A = 9.8B. The transaction fails since the variation is higher than 1%.

Case 3: Slippage favorable. The user confirms swapping 10A for 100B, and the market price changes to 1A = 10.2B. The transaction goes through even though the variation is higher than 1% because it is favorable

To avoid accidental losses, Freighter prevents setting a slippage higher than 10%.